Repair works of premium class from $ 150 / m². We carry out repair "turnkey" of different real estate objects of any complexity.

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The SVP master offers the client an advantageous, in fact unique on the market proposal - to perform work on an individual or a standard design project with the purchase of all related materials.

Thanks to loyal price policy and a wide range of building materials and services. The SVP master satisfies the most diverse price categories of clients.

The task of the company is to help each customer create an ideal - comfortable, rational space for themselves, their loved ones, their business.

Cost of repairs

от 150 $/м²
Discounts and special offers from partners-suppliers of materials and decor

ISO certificate
for all construction

Maintenance of the project by the manager "from the purchase of materials to the delivery of the facility"

License for all types
construction works

How we are working

Effective solution of tasks

01 Departure to the object and analysis of the object
02 Preparation of quotations and estimates
03 Project design and approval
04 Harmonization of the project
05 Construction of the object
06 Commissioning

Why we

  • Fixed cost of work
  • Deadlines
  • Experienced specialists
  • Modern technologies of repair
  • Own design studio
  • Warranty for work 1 year
  • Proven and high-quality materials at wholesale prices

SVP Master Company organizes repair of apartments, cottages and various commercial objects. Everything - from the development of the architectural design and to commissioning - is performed at a high level of quality. To repair works are attracted highly skilled specialists of different fields. At the same time, the masters of our construction company perform each of the stages in a timely manner.

In addition, we provide the supply of building materials, the cost of which corresponds to wholesale prices. You can not take virtually no part in the process, since our services include repair "in key".

Frequently asked Questions


Start your repair with Ideas. Then you will know exactly what to do next. This idea can be expressed both in concrete images of the future interior, and in the right thought to entrust such an important and complex process to reliable and reliable professionals. And to leave pleasure from the process of creating your dream house.


In order to minimize risks during the repair process and to ensure that the result is acceptable at the finish, remember a small check sheet:

- Check the availability of real objects "in work" and their willingness to demonstrate.

- Pay attention to communication. After all, at the first meeting, everyone is trying to make the most positive impression. They are courteous, attentive and ready for any whims, just to get a client. On ask clarifying questions, ask to detail the miscalculation, estimate, bill of materials. The better and more professional the performer behaves in such situations, the more sincere his approach to you. But, do not bend with complication. A self-respecting company appreciates its time and your frank waste. Thus, a really worthy performer can give up on you, as from a client.

- Enough information for reflection will provide an approach to your particular project, the availability of recommendations and the level of objects being implemented.

- If you are not ready to risk the result, take care of the legal security of the transaction and the official guarantees from the performer.

- Realized objects. Their level and ability to see live is very indicative. After all, you can see the results of the artist's work with your own eyes. And also, it shows good relations with past customers. This is the best tip.

- Objects in operation. Insist on viewing objects to work. Only they give a complete picture of the approach of the performer to their work and answer the key questions of you as an advanced customer:
- how many real objects have a potential performer
- how qualitatively they are conducted: how many workers at the facility, discipline, purity, level of workers.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, be interested and understand. You choose the builder of your future home. There are no trifles in this matter. And really there is nothing to hide to the responsible, checked and reliable person or company. On the contrary, they are proud of the results of their work.

Preparation of repair work involves several stages. They involve not only masters who will directly repair the apartment or other premises, but also specialists of different profiles. The team of the construction company SVP Master employs experienced architects and designers who develop design projects that are distinguished by the irreproachability of the technical part and original solutions. The estimate is made by a qualified engineer, with the calculation being carried out in such a way that there are no shortages or unnecessary materials.

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